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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's been a rough few days...

Well the night after my last post I decided to purpose to She-Hulk, as I was going to here place John Jameson Jr. answered the door in his boxers. *Sigh* Apparently Jennifer didn't think we were exclusive, though at least I didn't tell her about my engagement plans. The last few days I've been watching Wade's Golden Girl Box sets and drinking Wiskey.
Though today I got some bad news, the woman my mom was cloned from(who is also my mom I guess) turned evil again. Because of my stupid dad. I mean seriously, I think Ms. Frost has some disease, and from what Warpath has told me gets around. Anyway I'm assembling a new X-Force team to help Professor Xavier stop her.

As always,

Nathan Summers

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tidbit about Wade's Paris Date

Well I just got a call from Wade about his date with Paris today. Turns out it wasn't Paris Hilton, it was her ex-fiancee. His name apparently is also Paris. I laughed for 20 min. after hearing that. He was very displeased, especially after Paris kept on trying to give him a smooch on the lip. Though Wade for once was a gentlemen on his date. Apparently they saw Rent together. Oh god, thats just too hilarious for words.

Now to my date with She-Hulk. I think we may have something there, nothing has happened (if you get my drift), but she may be the one. Though Wade has requested to try and get him out of some contracts he's signed with Bravo, including going on a few other dates.

-Nathan Summers

Saturday, November 26, 2005

To spare you from Wade...

Hello everyone, Nathan Summers here to reintroduce myself. You might know as Cable, my mission is to save this world. I was on MSN messenger and I was talking to Wade, he asked me to post once more. So yes Wade is not impersonating me. I'll try and post some what in Wade's absence, but no gurantees. I have to take care of Providence. If I have time you might even see some juicy photos of Wade, though I'm sure his show will have enough of those. Got to go for now, have a date to night with a Ms. Jennifer Walters.

More Fantastic Deadpool News!

Okay so the shooting for my show begins next week meaning I'll probably only update the blog once a week or so. I'm very excited about this episode in the first episode I go on a date with Paris Hilton(I'm pretty sure thats what they said). But first I get a wardrobe update from the Queer Eye dude. I'll try to get Cable to fill in once in awhile, but he's not much of a blogger type. Saying its more important to save the world. But if you ever feel the need for more blogging check ou the links on the side to other blogs, or even better the forums! My personal favorites are Fancomics and Professor Xavier's Blog.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Showtime Baby!

Yay I got a show, boy-o. And the title does not refer to the channel it will be on. It will be indeed on Bravo as I stated before. I'm in between Queer Eye for the Straight guy and Boy meets Boy(hosted by Ben Savage of Boy Meets World). My show will be called, "Deadpoolios" It might change, but its a working title.

So here's how it went. I was gone yesterday because I was ironing out a deal. Though when I signed it I thought the channel was grande macho and had the girls in bikins. Apparently no. Oh well, my show will make it much macho. It'll follow me around, sometimes I'll sit down and chat with guests, other times I'll show you how to kill you're ex with a stop watch, and also sing and dance routine. I'm also contractully obligated to go on Queer Eye for the Straight guy.

Now this won't interfere with my other duties as great Merc' with a mouth. I also plan on mentoring Emma Frost's Hellions at Xavier's School, since she joined the peta or something(damn pinkos). So anyhow I just have to get Xavier's permission to tape some of the show there will update you.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stupid Fox Network

So for the past year or so I've been talking to the Fox Network about getting my own reality show. It'd basically follow me on my average day fighting Bears, midgets, Manute Bol, Tammy Faye Baker, watching Golden Girls season 1 box set, baby sitting some freak, and so on. So I'm told my show is going to be canceled because it "doesn't make sense" and "no one wants to see you without pants watching TV" and "you don't fight enough animals and circus people".

So I say screw you. I'll sell it elsewhere. Apparently Bravo is interested. Don't have that on my cable, so no idea what they show. But hey if they're willing to show me than they must be way macho.

But a second screw you to Fox for canceling by favorite television show Arrested Development. Now for those of you who don't know it follows the Bluth family who are kind of like the Hiltons met Enron family and they're crazy adventures. It is my theory they did this to spite me. The show is hilarious and I suggest those who are interested pick up the season box sets. I hear they're going for 12 bucks in some areas. It's a hilarious show and it'll start airing reruns on Fox on Mondays at 8 starting Dec. 5. Atleast rent the DVD from you're local Blockbuster. I guarantee its LOL. But try to watch it from the beginning some of the jokes are lost if you just jump into the middle. SAVE THE BLUTH FAMILY! They won 12 Emmys for pete's sake and how else will I watch the fabulous Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Crazy Fans

Today was a normal day as usual. Ate tacos, watched the View...I mean Sportscenter, played Xbox, watched my tivo episode of the View...I meant the O.C.!!! Swear to someone's god I did. Wait is O.C. better than the View?

Anyway I get a call....Stop looking at me like that! No I don't have a crush on sweet delicious Barbra Walters if thats what you're thinking. Thats sick, I'd never cheat on Bea Arthur. anyways....Of course I don't find Star Jone's scrumptious @$$ attractive. Ummm...That's set you don't get to know what happened during my day as punishment.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dang Alternate-Versions

So I'm gone for a little while (my humblest apologizes, I didn't ask cable to take my place. Thought I'd spare you). And some other Deadpool posts, who's apparently had a blog longer about how lame I am.

Now normally this is where I go into the show and cry. But no, this is either that stupid thinks he's great Agent X or another version of me. So now I'm left wondering if I'm real me or is he the real me. Very confusing yes?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Guess who's Back Ladies!

Ha-ha, I'm back beyotches! Yes I went to court to stop the crossover. And I was successful, She-Hulkie's a hell of a lawyer. I read Cable's post in my absence, I apologize. They were horrible, though I've agreed to let him share my blog from time to time. Yup great old me, stopping crossovers, getting the ladies, someday I might have my own movie. I'm freakin' fabulous. And as a treat here's a picture of the lusty lawyer Jennifer Walters:

Oh yeah baby, very lusty. I might call to meet her in something other than business.