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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

90th Post! Swoosh!

So its time for another addition of Deadpool's Answers. I start at Logo next week. Freedom Ring wanted to meet today for dinner, let's hope she has flowing hair like Betty White.

Here we go:

Dear deadpool,

What the hell?!

-Scrooge McDuck

What the hell indeed. I have no idea what you're refering to, but I'm filing a restraint order.

Dear Deadpool,

I can never open pickle jars. What should I do?

-Master Chief

Well I don't care about your problems, Mr. I have a movie in developmental hell with Peter Jackson. I only have a movie in developmental hell because Avi Arad's kid likes me and Ryan Reynolds wants to play me, but play Flash more. For Criss sakes.

Dear Deadpool,

I'm emo and want to cut myself. I'm making out with my dead best friend's girlfriend and my dad and ex-girlfriend are dead.

I hate you,
Tim Drake.

*Cries* I have similar problems. I've been charged with sexual harrassment by my dead best friend's girlfriend. Except I'm not Emo like you!

Dear Deadpool,

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, with himself. You see he's a shapeshifter. What should I do?


Well Bill I'd suggest you hire me for the cheap rate of $800 a minute to catch your boyfriend. I can kill him for another 1,000,000.

Till next time this is Deadpool. Excelsior!


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