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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Showtime Baby!

Yay I got a show, boy-o. And the title does not refer to the channel it will be on. It will be indeed on Bravo as I stated before. I'm in between Queer Eye for the Straight guy and Boy meets Boy(hosted by Ben Savage of Boy Meets World). My show will be called, "Deadpoolios" It might change, but its a working title.

So here's how it went. I was gone yesterday because I was ironing out a deal. Though when I signed it I thought the channel was grande macho and had the girls in bikins. Apparently no. Oh well, my show will make it much macho. It'll follow me around, sometimes I'll sit down and chat with guests, other times I'll show you how to kill you're ex with a stop watch, and also sing and dance routine. I'm also contractully obligated to go on Queer Eye for the Straight guy.

Now this won't interfere with my other duties as great Merc' with a mouth. I also plan on mentoring Emma Frost's Hellions at Xavier's School, since she joined the peta or something(damn pinkos). So anyhow I just have to get Xavier's permission to tape some of the show there will update you.


  • At 8:14 PM, Blogger Professor Xavier said…

    Say Wade, you didn't by any chance tell the people about your blog, did you? I was just wondering if the color scheme you chose might not have given them the wrong idea about you.

    And yes, you are certainly welcome to come and tape your show at the mansion at anytime. Just so you know, the mutant child Leech is still at the school so no one's powers are working while they are near him. And I think Emma might still be out of the country. You'll have to check with her.

  • At 7:00 PM, Anonymous fred said…

    Queer Eye for Deadpool? Now that's going to be funny!


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