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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To Imus or not to Imus?

After a month of tracking Bo Outlaw and I finally caught up with Imus's trail yesterday.

"Deadpool my man, we have to have a..."

I couldn't hear Bo, and I honestly didn't care. I was too busy storming into the bar to get rid of Imus. I wanted to return home to my Bea Arthur porn stash. I saw him at the barstool covering his face with his cowboy hat.

"The jigg is up Imus, your days are numbered!" I trimuphintently shouted.

"Well, well if it isn't my old arch nemis..nemisi...nemy...foe Deadpool!"

"We've never met before."

"Oh but I'm not Don Imus, I'm Kevin Federline!"

"And this time Deadpool, I'm not alone. Met my parthner in crime Kang."

"I already bet that purple face doffus, with Bo's help I'll easily kick both your kesters.

Kang got up from his stool and pressed a button on his glove, "But this time you chattery assasian we have more than just the two of us."

"This time? What do you mean this time?"

"Don't you recall last time? Oh wait, time travel confuses me so much, anyway all of your enemies have joined forces to take you down, The Rhino, Bruce Timm, The Olson Twins, The Swan, and Ben Savage! HAHAHA"
"Wait what did I do to Ben Savage?"
"You know what you did you bastard! If it hadn't been for you I would've had a primetime Emmy and be critically acclaimed! Not Matthew Fox!"
I had no idea what he was talking about. The odds were not looking good for me. So I charged, wondering if my stash of Bea photos was untampered with at home.
To be continued...


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