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Monday, May 29, 2006

Dude where's my bike?

So apparently my whole tv career was for a season of Punk'd. Damn you KUTCHER! So I shall not post the transcript instead I shall start my own detective agencey! My first client? ME! Anyone else looking to contact me can do so to take on the case and I shall discuss my wage(usually two bags of cheetos and a soda pop).

Anyway on to random thoughts of the day:
-To those of you following Last Gladiator Standing you found that I was transported before a scary purple hair thing right before the second motorcycle challenge. Turns out he's imaginary. So you know I asked does that mean I'm high again? So he's like no signor. So than I'm like how do I get back to my universe. He's like I don't know. Cable was pissed off and teleported us back. Somehow he ended up with his. His name is Edurado. He'll be staying with us until we can find him his home again. He'll post sometime introduce him stuff an all that jazz.

-So I've been following Prof.X's blog and was a little dismayed(oh big word!) that he's not doing hte majorty of his posts. Now its that whore who left me, Storm and this weird Kid. Ah well.

-As for why I hired myself someone must of sabtoged me to teleport me to Eduardo's universe. Anyhow I'm off to the third dimension! Tallyho!