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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Okay so I've been gone for a month because I went on a drug binge and converted to Scientology. All Hail XENU!

For those who don't know I'm a merc and I have a mouth of sorts. Anyways one of my councilers at the Betty Ford clinic is Bruce Timm, animator of Batman the Animated Series and others. Anyway he's a creep. He stole my cocaine!!!!! What an arsehole.

I went to his office to get them back and I saw someone sitting in the shadows. So before they could get up I kicked them in the nads.

"I'm afraid that won't work Monsieur Deadpool."

From the shadows came my middle of the road student Professor Charles Xavier!

"Whats with the french accent Chuck?"

"Waz iz this accent yu tawlk aboot?"

"He's the French-Candaian version of me from the 666 universe. "

Another Professor X appeared out of the shadows! This one dressed in a pink skirt and scarf.

"I'm fabuolous Profesosr Xavier Wadesy. From earth 123. And I'd like you to meet some of my friends."

As he opened the closet door it was stuffed with various Xavier's. Yellow Xavier, Bunny Xavier, Xavier with Hair, Xavier with normal eyebrows, Xavier without teeth, Devil Xavier, Flavor Xavier, King Xavier, Puppet Xavier, and hundreds more! I was boned...

To be continued!


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