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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I wear my Sunglasses at night...

So I started my first case to find Eduardo's home. But I realized I knows little to investigate. So I thought who deals with lots of wacky mysteries and is a big crybaby like Eduardo? The only man who could help me with this was Cyclops, aka Mr. Scott Summers. I mean he's traveled around, been a man whore, and above all else is a big crybaby.

So I rushed over the mansion and got him to help me. If he didn't I told him I'd show Emma the video I had of him getting freaky with Gambit(I don't have one but he bought it).

Anyway I really don't remeber what happened. Scott was annoying. He cried a little and said the Professor doesn't respect him. I egged Agent X's super cool carniavle.

Anyway here's a MEME:

1. Other than yourself pick the contestant that remains in Last Gladiator Standing you think will win?
Gyrobo(that's why I'm going to vote him off)
2. What's your favorite color of Pink?
3. What's your favorite episode of Golden Girls?
The one where Dorthy pretends she's still married to her ex-husband.
4. If you were Anna Nicole Smith, what would you do with your child?
Eat it.
5. How many figures am I holding up?
3. Decipher this code: *66hsther;o adthaodf stop
I'm not answering that one.
7. What's wrong with this Meme?
I'm not answering that one either.
8. Create your own question and answer it.
What is Alex Trebeck? A mutant.
9. What's your wrestler name?
Deadpoolicus ReXman
10. Do you have a man crush on Luke Cage?
No, mine's on the Hoff.
12. Are you the weakest link?
13. Are you prepared for the Dalek invasion over here?
of course.
14. Switch lives with one blogger for a year? Who would it be.
15. Who has the best sidekick in LGS?
Me of course.
16. If you watched the season finale of Doctor Who, what did you think?
Was good but the end not happiest even though I knew it'd happen.
17. Do you know who Lookwell! is?
18. Tag 3 people you wouldn't share socks with(except Deadpool)
Professor X, , Henchmen, and let's say Magdalena


  • At 5:57 PM, Blogger Professor Xavier said…


    Here I am, relaxing on the beach, trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet between challenges. Then I find out that some rapscallion has been circulating lies about us to boost ratings. Now I discover Deadpool has tagged me. Me!

    Maggie, I'm going to have to borrow that laptop. So much for my vacation.

  • At 10:59 PM, Blogger Magdalena said…


  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said…

    I am going to get you for this.Dental for all.

    Dr.Polaris rules.


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