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Sunday, October 01, 2006

When I wake up Before I put on my make up...

GAH! It was all a dream, apparently. I had just been watching my Veronica Mars DVDs. She isn't a real person according to Nate. The new season starts this week on the CW is super acessible to new viewers! Plus the Kristen Bell in 20 years will look like a Maude era Bea Arthur(rarrr!). Well the Seacrest thing did happen, but who cares about his boyfriend. Luckily Cable woke me right before I was going to be slayed by Bruce Timm's clones of Professor Xavier. This lead to a revelation. It is time to give up being Deadpool. I must change my life to a greater cause. What cause? Hell I don't know. But I must cleanse myself of the unholiness.


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