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Sunday, August 27, 2006

He's soft and cuddly... to check out where this originally came from. Anyway enough breaking the fourth wall losers.

I smelt honey and then I turned around and saw a rather fat, yellow bear.

"Who the heck are you?"

"My name is Doctor Pooh, and I am a time lord stranger." he replied.

"Okay so what time is it in Hawaii then?"

"Oh bother, I don't know."

"Then why do you call yourself a timelord?"

"Hmm I suppose I should know then."

Veronica started to get up...

"Oh hallo there!"

"Who are you?"

"He's Doctor Pooh, and he's a time lord that likes honey."

"Yes you're friend is right. I do love my honey! It costs me no money."

"Okay so where are we?"

"You are on Gallifluff."

"That's a stupid name for a planet. You should rename it ChuckNorrision. Comeon Veronica let's go find a way back to Earth."

"I'm so dreaming this...this isn't real."

"I can help you Mr. I'm afraid I don't know your name stranger."

"Deadpool, Doctor, call me Deadpool."

The Doctor showed us in the next room a blue box. He called it the TARDIS.

"Before we go maybe we should have a snack, perhaps some honey?"

Hell Yeah Boy!


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