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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Party till its 1999!

Hey gang, so our story starts with us taking a break from Professor X's Mutant Race 2 after finishing up the second task or whatever. So I look at my watch and realize its almost midnight in Luxemburg. So I tell Cable lets port out of here and get wasted! Cable says, "No Wade, you idiot!" I told him we'd be back before anyone knew it.

So once in Luxemburg I get boozed up, but Cable says if he gets drunk then we'll lose the race for sure, pansy. There I ask this guy in a goofy purple and green get up to hold my drink well I talk to the lovely lady. While apparently that was his girlfriend and he's the ultra mean Avengers enemy Kang, who happens to be a jerkwad. He takes offense that I'm trying to pick up his girlfriend, so I say, "Hey buddy take it as a compliment, I mean your girlfriends smokin' hot."

So long story short he sends me and Cable to the year 1999. Cable got mad at me and keeps on saying, "I told you that we shouldn't have left the race, I told you you shouldn't have hit on that girl, I told you blah blah blah... He naggs me more than my wife(?). So we wonder around and get stuck there till 2000 New Year's Eve. Mind you we're still in Luxemburg, working as railroad collectors. So we go to the same place to celebrate the new year, Cable now married. To our shock we run into Kang and his girlfriend once more.

"Beware, the Y2K bugs will come. It shall punish all for there sins. I know this because I am from the year 2020. All who have sinned will be killed. Anyone who wishes to survive come with me," Kang proclaimed to the party goers.

"By any chance can you send us to the year December 31st 11:59 PM 2005?" I asked the purple claded journeyman.

"But of course Spiderman, I'm your biggest fan," he told me as he opened up a time rift, "Step into the portal weaved and Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis. Though I don't know why you'd want to go there. By 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger is govenor of California, and then President by 2007 once the Crisis has ended."

"A crisis?" Cable asked.

"Hey Kangie, your girl's pretty hot," I said.

"Wade you idiot remember what happened when you said that last time, before we go what about the Crisis?" questioned Cable.

"You have angered Kang webhead, Leave before I destroy, and take Mr. Lewis with you. You have made an enemy out of Kang."

I shoved Cable quickly into the tunnel, not knowing who Jerry Lee Lewis is or why Cable was mistaken for him. Also his girlfriend looked oddly familiar. I'll have to look into it more once the race is done.

Once back in 2005 we teleported back to the race.

"Wade, how did you know where the hell we where in the race?" Nate asked, pansily.

"I dunno," I replied as Gaia entered the room.

"Were the heck have you two been?"

Okay so maybe someone did notice we were gone.

-Everybody's Friendly gun shooting maniac with a mouth Deadpool!


  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Selene said…

    Hmmm, you are always getting yourself in wacky situations....maybe giving you your own talk show was a wise move.

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Professor Xavier said…

    Sounds like Kang was having a bit of the old New Year's bubbly. Glad you made it back in time.


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