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Monday, December 19, 2005

My Show Shall Premiere

First off I did manage to track down Cable using our super cool bodysliding. He told me to go away. Apparently fighting off Apocalypse and his new Horsemen are more important than some stupid pictures of me. I told him they weren't stupid. My mom said I look very handsome in those pictures.

Tonight Bravo is holding a special screening of the first episode of my reality/sketch comedy show, which is now entitled "Deadpool The Ever-loving Speedo Wearing Mercenary who at times is a little loose with Language." So the screening is red carpet in Hollywood of course. I think I might get lucky with Storm after the showing, she asked for two tickets so she could see it. Other famous people are attending are:

Betty White(my Co-star)
The Guys from Queer eye for the Straight guy
She-Hulk "Jennifer Walters"w/ date John Jameson Jr.
Cable("Nathan Summers") w/ Domino
Gov. Arnold Schwartzenager w/ date Sue Richards
Samuel L. Jackson w/ date to be determined
Jamie Madrox w/Rahne Sinclair
Gambit "Remy LeBeau" (who I have set up on a blind date with Northstar)
Cyclops "Scott Summers" w/ date Emma Frost and Jean Grey(can't hate a player)
Professor Charles Xavier w/ date tbd
Dr. Victor Von Doom w/ date Charlize Theron

There's more I'm foregetting, but those are the big names for the most part.


  • At 4:10 PM, Blogger Professor Xavier said…

    This promises to be the social event of the season. I can't wait to see it. Break a leg, Wade!


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