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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Casting Call #1/2

Okay so as I said I'll go through the castings of each part for my show. First up we had the role of the Police Cheif. For the role we had a couple of people audition including Adam West and Todd Bridges, but we knew from the start Professor Charles Xavier was the right person. Especially since the character starts...I mean is in a wheel chair. The background of the character is he was shot at a grocery store in Calcutta India when buying lotto tickets. His name is Harry Mc'Oharrysonstein. He's half jewish/catholic from the streets of Harleem. I personally tried to convince the producers to make him a Globetrotter as well, but they were like no shut up Wade. Jerkwads *Sniff*

Next role we auditioned for was my Gay friend. I didn't really have much choice since the executives picked this one. I personally wanted a female to play the gay guy, but they said "that doesn't make sense" So I'm like yeah huh it does get Jennifer Garner for the role. So they picked Northstar. I think Colin Farell also auditioned for the part, I hear he plays the other side of the street too, if you get my drift. Good luck to both, only one more of the people who posted on this blog for an audition got a part, which they can't reveal as of yet, because they don't know. I'll let everyone know when Season 1.5 starts airing. This will probably be a new continuity for the show than my previous one.


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Professor Xavier said…

    This is exiting! Perhaps this will be my big break and I can forget about this whole teaching thing. It's always been my secret dream to be a big movie star.


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