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Monday, March 27, 2006

HEADLINE: Deadpool becomes journalist!

Well after long negotiations, I am proud to announce that I am now working for the gossip section of the Daily Bugle. I'm calling my column, "Stripping Heroes and Freaks." My first column will focus on the subject of cowardly heroes such as Spiderman, which I theroize is Private Hudson, because they are both cowards. Yes, I know you are all thinking, "but Deadpool you've seen Spiderman without a mask and his hawt aunt." Well I don't tell what some would consider convetionally true. I tell what is needed to be tell, to protect children and sexy ladies.

Next blog report should be about my next episode(though I don't know when I shall post next, sometime this week likely). In this episode a character dies(hint: its his first appearance too!)

So far my experience with J. Jonah Jameson has been a delight, he's like the weird uncle I never had. He always tells me, "Wilson you freak put some pants on, you have a story to write, and I don't care were you get it as long as I don't see you again. And stay And have you seen that Jessica Jones, sure I hear she gets around and getting married to that Luke Cage loser, and she may not have as many wrinkles as I usually like, but damn baby got back! I have a young strapping lad as my photographer, but he's an ex con. I think I may give him a job as my assistant.

So Long,

Mr. Wade Wilson Senior I Esquire.


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